Importance Of CRM In Marketing for Lead Generation

Why You Should Consider the Importance Of CRM In Marketing for Lead Generation in 2022

To understand the importance of CRM in lead generation, it is important we know the process that follows. A clear roadmap of the journey that a customer would follow after getting in touch with your brand is an important element of success for your campaigns.

It would be difficult to keep a track of all the leads that come in, especially if the leads coming in are from multiple sources and the quantity is high. There has to be some kind of CRM, that stands for “Customer relationship management” software in place to track all the leads.

In this post, we would take a look at why we should have a CRM for any business dealing with leads and how important it is.

Importance of CRM in marketing for Lead Generation

All leads in one place

There are possibilities that you are collecting leads from multiple sources and it makes sense to have them all in one place to avoid losing track of any of the leads.

Having a CRM makes it easier for you to collect all the leads from multiple sources like Google ads, social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns and more.

Many CRMs have the analytical options where you can evaluate how many leads came from what source and how many of them converted giving you an ultimate sense to take the correct measures to optimise your campaigns further in the future

Automated marketing touch points

If you choose the CRM based on your industry type, there are more chances that it would have dedicated automated flows of touch points you can use to connect with your leads and convert them into prospects without much human intervention.

It could be features like automated email sequences, SMS messages and reminders, etc. This definitely has to be a feature you should look for if you want to increase your productivity while having a limited workforce.

Keep a track of follow-ups

When you have a lot of leads coming in for a longer period, It would be difficult for you to track all the follow-ups you would have to make. There are clients that would ask you to connect with them next month or the month after.

For any human, it is very difficult to remember precise follow-up dates and times. That is where a good CRM can come in handy. It would remind you to connect with the client at the time specified.

The result would be you not missing up on your clients that represents your professionalism and seriousness towards that client and your sales bar would rise higher.

Process analytics

Once you are involved in process of growing your business lead counts, there would be instances where you want to know if your business lead generation strategies are going the right direction.

Having a CRM in place can also provide you with a visual representation of the outcome and ROI of your marketing campaigns. You would be able to analyse which campaign has contributed the most to your conversions.

That kind of data would help you strategise further about what kind of campaigns you should run and where you should utilise your resources further for optimum returns on your efforts.


Considering the above points, it is evident why we should compulsorily use a CRM along with our lead generation campaigns. Some of the best CRM’s in the market we recommend are:

  • Hubspot
  • Zoho
  • Freshsales
  • Bitrix24
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk

You may consider the ones mentioned above but it is always recommended to go for a CRM particularly designed to work with your industry type. That may give you added advantages over using a CRM that is generic in nature.

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